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Video equipment rental in Montreal

Float like a butterfly,
sting like a bee.

Mohamed Ali
05|10|2021 Written By
David Simard

In pursuit of lightness in filmmaking, I’ve acquired the latest gear in current trend, including Sony FX6, A7s III, DJI RS2, Tilta Float, Advanced Ring, Hydra Alien, Sigma Art E-Mount lenses, and more. And it goes without saying ,all of this is available for rent.


Despite the small size of Sony’s new line of cameras, my FX6s and A7s III produce better images at higher frame rates, The H265 codec can even reduce file size. Furthermore, these cameras are equipped with digital or mechanical stabilization in addition to gimbals.

On the topic of gimbals, DJI’s new gimbal, the RS2, makes no compromises despite being significantly lighter than the Ronin 2. With Tilta’s Advanced Ring, it completely replaces the Ronin 2. Tilta’s Hydra Alien allows you to mount your RS2 on your vehicles in any position with its triangular suction system.

Albeit the changes, for your bigger shoots, the Ronin 2 and the Tilta Arm remain available.

As you may have heard, autofocus has a bright future ahead. Thus explaining my acquisition of two Sigma E-Mount lenses, and soon a third one, all adapted to the new Sony camera’s excellent autofocus.

Also, I’ve acquired another very advanced stabilizer system. The Tilta Float, the illegitimate little brother of the Arri Trinity, combining effortlessly Steadycam dynamics with gimbal technology. Say goodbye to the jerky look of gimbals!

But to get the best out of these new configurations, you will need an operator, with his accessories and experience, therefore, prepare the necessary budget.

The one thing I can promise: your back will not suffer anymore.

Ronin 2 and Ready Rig GS + ProArm to rent in Montreal

Nous ne devons pas refuser
la culture moderne,
mais nous en emparer,
pour la nier.

Guy Debord
13|04|2019 Written By
David Simard

I am now the proud owner of a Ronin 2 and a Ready Rig GS ProArm. The versatile Ronin 2 gimbal from DJI is suitable for use handheld, or mounted in a variety of ways, including to a drone, Steadicam, vehicle mount, and more. Ready Rig Gimbal support is a body mounted camera stabilizer that gives operators unprecedented freedom of movement, stability and comfort while shooting with Gimbal mounted Cameras. The possibilities of this combination are huge and offers to filmmakers an excellent value for money, the best at the moment.

Since I do not use this gear every day, I decided to set up a lease structure to make it available at a competitive price. You will find all the necessary to shoot properly all your productions. You can consult the list of equipment and the rental policy.


Basically, if you want to rent the kit, you need a credit card and some references or insurances.

The fiction of reality

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