David Simard, Documentariste David Simard, Documentariste
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Philippe Toupin

  • Advertising Director
  • Director of Photography
  • Special Effects

Don’t lose your passport,
don’t go to jail.

Christopher Langston

  • Editor

So, to make a long story short...

Janna Yotte

  • Art Director

Art is the cult of error.

Pascal Brousseau

  • Motion Designer

The illusion of movement

Ariane Bouchard

  • Writer

Everything you say will be remembered.

Marie-Louise Gariépy

  • Producer

It’s impossible to think well, to love well,
to sleep well if we have not eaten.

Pierre Luc Junet

  • Friend
  • Documentarist

The world doesn’t need
filmmakers, but people who make,
among other things, films.

Michael Binette

  • Sound Engineer
  • Sound Designer
  • Mixing